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Anyone who thinks of poker usually has straight poker or Texas Hold’em in mind. So either the variant, which is known from old Western movies and in which each player has five cards in hand or the variant of the tournament today common with two cards in hand and up to five cards open on the table. Things are different in Three Card Poker, as each player is dealt three cards face down, no further purchases are possible. That is, exactly what you have in your hand is compared to the dealer’s cards. Here’s how to get high speed in the game once you get used to switching from normal poker to their hand order.

Because at Three Card Poker there is a change in hand arrangement. Although you continue to play with a 52-card deck, but since you only have three cards, a triple takes the position of the quad in standard poker, making it the second highest hand after the royal flush you can play. Then comes the straight or straight, then the straight, which is a difference from classic poker. Unsurprisingly, there are no two pairs, quads or full houses at Three Card Poker.

The dealer plays only if he has at least one queen as the highest card. If his hand is down, he is not qualified for the game and you win the round. Therefore, it might be useful to play with a queen as the highest card, as the dealer may still be down and therefore not even participate in the game. In professional circles, therefore, the strategy is recommended to play all hands that contain at least a queen, a six and a four and throw away all the other hands.

In Three Card Poker you bet, in short, on winning your hand. It may come as a surprise at first – after all, at the table, you can see three fields in front of you that you can bet on – but it’s easy to explain. The middle court is the classic ante, the forced use of the game of poker. It must be done before you even have the cards in hand. After receiving your three cards, you decide whether you want to play the round or not. If you play, another bet on the playing field becomes necessary. You obviously don’t play, your ante is gone. In victory, but there is also the Ante at least doubled.

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